Writing Group Meetings

Writebulb Writing Group meet on the second Saturday of each month in the first floor meeting room at Chelmsford Central Library, Market Road, Chelmsford, Essex, between 2-4:30pm.

Refreshments are provided at a cost of £1.00 per meeting.

All you need to bring with you are pad & pen/notebook/tablet/laptop (whatever your preferred method of writing is), a sense of humour, and loads of imagination.

If you enjoy writing, whether it’s just as a hobby or you want to be published, why not give us a try – you’ll always be made welcome.

I hope to see you at a meeting soon.

Happy writing!

Carlie M A Cullen

Group Leader


2 thoughts on “Writing Group Meetings

  1. Hi Carlie, I heard about the writers group at a meeting in Writtle last Monday and enquired about it today in the Chelmsford Library. I hope to come to the next meeting on 11th March and wondered if there was anything that would be helpful for me to know in advance. If there is, then perhaps you could let me know.

    I haven’t done any creative wring for some time but I’m feeling the urge again!

    Many thanks, Jo Ellis

    • Hi Joanna, we’d be happy to welcome you on Saturday. All you need is a pad and pen (or laptop if you prefer), your imagination, and £1.00 if you’d like to partake in refreshments. We meet from 2-4:30pm. There’s nothing else you need to know.

      I look forward to meeting you on Saturday.

      Kind regards,


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