Book review: “Sword Quest” By Nancy Yi Fan

by Chris Kennett

Sword Quest

“This is a special sword. A sword that can change the world”.

“Wind-voice the half-dove has been freed from slavery at last. Can he and his brave companions save their forest from one-winged tyrant, Maldeor, who hungers for supreme power?

The gripping prequel to “Swordbird”, from fourteen-year-old Nancy Yi Fan”.


I picked this one up because of the idea of animals (in this case, birds) using objects like swords, staffs and harps, much like the “Redwall” series, which I enjoy. Plus the fact that the blurb mentions the writer being only fourteen at the time this was written (2008), made me decide to given Nancy the benefit of doubt and see what she’s made off.

The writing structure of the story is in third-person distant, so the reader has a wider view of what is going on in several places and the whole plot comes together. Also the way that Nancy describes the relationships between the different species of birds scores points, as it give the readers a picture of how the various races view and the way they treat each other.

However, the descriptions in the writing is a bit simple and the pacing of events is somewhat rushed. Also the concept of the whole “good vs evil” is not very original in this book. A hero is prophesied to save the world from evil on a certain date seems very cliché these days. This may be due to Nancy’s young age and possibly her lack of experience of the world. But despite this it was a decent attempt at writing a story and giving a few years, she may write something with a lot more depth.

To sum it up, while this isn’t the best story I’ve read, it’s not the worst considering Nancy’s age at the time of writing this.

An average read.



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